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This is modern bistronomy—casual concept where experimentation becomes the everyday. Experience cuisine that’s constantly evolving in a setting that’s forever inviting. Make the menu your own. Let the exploration unfold and cobine.

The proximity of the chef with customers, dishes focused on the best ingredients, and the toned-down friendly atmosphere of Miami City and Wynwood neighborhood… this is arepa.bar

We Serve One of the Best Arepas and Cachapas

Arepa: With a Minimalist Ancestral recipe and arepa.bar's magic and good vibe we get The Original gluten free diet of varius latin America Indigenous tribes ready to you!

Because We Only serve fresh instanly hand maid Arepas so you'll experience Our Unique Crispy Arepas and tHE CACHAPA

The cachapa is a thick version of Pancake made of yellow sweet corn. It’s done by grinding the maize kernels, mixing it with water and are cooked on a flat griddle. arepa.bar uses this Original recipe and with some little magic we create amazing fresh and authentic cachapas with exquisit taste and texture. Cachapas are slightly sweet and are usually served with queso de mano (handmade cheese) and topped with Nata. They can also be served with different meat fillings.


Our average customer rating is 4.8 / 5
I pass today and Sara great friendly girl !!Great place to eat cachapas they came with shredded beef and queso de mano !! Queso llanero rayado on top and Nata!! The have a very good burgers 🍔!! They have chicha, papelon con limón and Malta YOU MUST TRY THE CACHAPAS!! YOU will thank me later!!!
Claudia Stack
I have been here many times and every time I love the place even more. The service is excellent, the food is always fresh and good, the flavor has not comparison. The decor is great, and they keep it clean. The music is good, the people around is great. If you are looking for a place to have a good time and enjoy the good food Arepa Bar is the place to go.
Winston Alvarez

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